At MAGIC 35, our mission is to ignite the imagination of audiences with high-stakes narratives that sweat suspense and ponder our existence. We strive to create cinematic experiences where anticipation meets innovation, and every release promises a journey into stories that resonate with the heart and challenge the mind, making MAGIC 35 a beacon for quality and excitement in film.


MAGIC 35, founded by seasoned DGA Director, Writer, and Producer Marc Hampson, is a pioneering film production company headquartered in the vibrant heart of the film industry. Marc's comprehensive skill set in storytelling, visual development, and post-production positions him uniquely to lead MAGIC 35 with a hands-on approach, ensuring that each project aligns with the company's vision and standards.

Features & Episodic

Each project within Magic 35's portfolio is carefully selected and developed to align with our mission of delivering engaging, thought-provoking, and visually stunning cinematic experiences. With Marc Hampson at the helm of direction and production, and supported by a talented team of industry professionals, we are committed to bringing these diverse narratives to the screen. Our approach involves flexible budget scenarios to ensure each story is told with the integrity and quality it deserves, from low-budget innovative productions to mid-budget cinematic endeavors.


Magic 35 operates on a collaborative management model, valuing open communication, creative freedom, and mutual respect among team members. This approach fosters a dynamic and innovative working environment where creative ideas can flourish, and operational challenges can be addressed effectively.

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Founder / Director / Writer / Producer |  Marc Hampson

Creative Partner / Producer / Writer | Aaron Fairley

Creative Consultant / Actress / Writer / Producer | Jennica Schwartzman

Creative Partner / Director of Photography| Paul Olson

Advisory / Technology / Infrastructure / Workflows | Chuck Crabtree

Advisory / Team Building / Leadership Strategies / Org Efficiency | Dr. Shane Muetzel, EeD


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